G05 (non-standard G-code)

The G05 command is a non-standard G-code that is used in some CNC machines for controlling the rotary axes of the machine, such as a rotary table or a rotary head. It is used to move the rotary axis to a specific angle or position, and can be used in conjunction with other G-codes to perform complex machining operations. (g-code list)

The syntax for the G05 command is machine-specific, and may vary depending on the type of rotary axis being controlled. In general, the command includes an axis identifier (such as A, B, or C), and a value that represents the desired angle or position of the rotary axis.

For example, the command “G05 A45.0” would move the A-axis of the machine to an angle of 45 degrees. The exact interpretation of this command will depend on the specific machine and control system being used.

It is important to note that the G05 command is not a standard G-code, and may not be supported by all CNC machines or control systems. In general, it is recommended to use standard G-codes whenever possible to ensure compatibility across different machines and control systems.

Fanuc’s G05:

Fanuc is an exception where G05 is a standard G-code for linear interpolation with a dwell. This means the tool moves along a straight line at a set feed rate, then pauses for a specified time before continuing.

Fanuc G05 Syntax:

G05 P X Y Z F

  • P: Dwell time in seconds
  • X, Y, Z: Coordinates of the end point
  • F: Feed rate

Example (Fanuc):

G05 P2.0 X10.0 Y5.0 Z3.0 F100.0
This moves the tool to (X=10.0, Y=5.0, Z=3.0) at 100 units/minute, then dwells for 2 seconds.

Key Takeaway:

G05 is not universally standardized. Unless you’re using a Fanuc controller or a machine with documented G05 support for rotary axes, it’s best to avoid using it to ensure program compatibility across different CNC systems. Always refer to your machine’s manual for confirmed G-code functionality.

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