Mathematica is a computer algebra and numerical calculation software developed by Wolfram Research. It essentially allows computer algebra (manipulation of expressions mathematics in symbolic form, for example: calculation of derivatives, primitives, simplification of expressions, etc.) and numerical calculation (evaluation of expressions mathematics in digital form; for example: calculation of the first decimals of the number π, approximate evaluation of integrals, etc.). Mathematica incorporates a language of sophisticated programming and also allows you to make graphics. It is a software used in education, scientific research and industry.

Mathematica is not limited to computer algebra. It can be used as :

  • A numerical and symbolic calculator.
  • A function and data visualization system.
  • A very high-level programming language that allows the creation of both large than small programs.
  • A modeling and data analysis environment.
  • A data representation system in scientific fields and techniques.
  • Software that allows the execution of specific applications.
  • A means of creating an interactive document that includes text, animated graphics, sound and active formulas.
  • A command language for external programs and processes.

We can say that Mathematica is divided into three classes: numerical calculator, calculator symbolic and a graphic editor. Mathematica uses symbolic expressions to cover a large number of applications varied with the minimum of mathematical and algorithmic methods.
In a very simple case, we can use Mathematica as a calculator. We types the expression to calculate and Mathematica calculates the result and displays it as output “out”.
On the other hand, Mathematica is much more efficient than an electronic calculator.traditional or a programming language such as Fortran or BASIC. For example a traditional system contains 30 mathematical operations, Mathematica will be able to contain up to 750 operations. In addition, traditional systems just calculate the equations numerals whereas Mathematica handles numeral systems as well, symbols and graphics.
Below are some examples in Mathematica. Lines labeled with In [n] := is this that enters the user and the lines labeled by Out [n] = represents the result provided by Mathematica.

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